Zechs Merquise. High in pride to personal loathing, residing living to the soldier has had awesome conflict that is internal Zechs

Zechs Merquise

  • A.C. 195
  • A.C. 196
  • MC-0017

Zechs Merquise

Real World





Japanese Sounds

English Sounds



  • Milliardo Peacecraft
  • Your Lightning Baron/Count
  • Preventer Breeze
  • Cyrene Breeze


Body Weight

Locks Color

  • Platinum blonde

Eyes Colors

  • Nile (Nail) glowing blue

Delivery Date




  • Katrina Peacecraft (Grandmother)
  • Sabrina Peacecraft (Great-aunt)
  • Marticus Rex (Daddy)
  • Relena Peacecraft (Sibling)
  • Lucrezia Noin (Spouse)
  • Naina Peacecraft (Girl)
  • Milou Peacecraft (Son)
  • Heero Yuy (Brother-in-law)

Like Passions


  • North European (Sanc Kingdom)


  • Colonel (ounce)
  • Baron/Count (Romefeller)
  • Commander As Part Of Primary (White Fang)

Mecha Piloted

Vessels Crewed


Filled with pride then personal loathing, lifestyle living to the soldier has taken very good inside conflict in order to Zechs. Regardless of their stthending when a fantastic cellphone pilot, Zechs seems which he’s got betrayed him self along with his dads ideals. Because of their various battles, that he thinks that he’s perhaps not worthy towards their family members identify, since their lifetime as soldier contradicts their daddy’s pacifistic ideals. That is displayed anytime Treize known him while “Milliardo Peacecraft” their name that is real to Zechs taken care of immediately using awesome pity. This isn’t his just conflict like their standing like “that Lightning Count/Baron” are placed on testing anytime conference Heero additionally the remaining Gundam aircraft pilots. After in the start he battled using Heero, Zech’s had been unacquainted with the simple fact which he had been a 15-year-old kid while he fought such as a veteran soldier. This person in addition was not nervous towards lose him self to their Gundam fit in order to make positive ounce didn’t get hold of this. Impressed because of the younger pilot’s solve towards their objective to help keep that the colonies safe and secure, too fighting to understand piloting that the Tallgeese, Zechs started to thought him self while poor realizing which he lacked absolutely the solve in order to lay an individual’s lives at risk of a better cause. Your interior conflict had been things drove their motives that he felt he needed to become as he struggled to find the balance between his former identity as his father’s son, and the uncompromised warrior. Our light-emitting diode him entering acquiring kicked from ounce and in the end to be responsible for that White Fang. Declaring war in the world utilising the battleship Libra, his objective that is main over the planet earth would be to avoid mankind at combat both and also to need their sibling Relena lead the individuthe bestls in a fresh chronilogical age of comfort. However, it had been additionally a testing this person placed on him self in order to become per warrior that is relentless. It is really not that he accepts that he was once again defeated by Heero, and convinced that Heero and co until he fights Heero at the end of the series. Had been effective at undertaking his or her best suited of peace. Subsequently, that he pledged to keep performing as being a warrior, but this one occasion to maintaining comfort in the world, hence subsequently getting back together their a couple identities in to any.


Frozen Teardrop (Last)

Being a younger cadet as part of A.C. 186, Zechs Merquise is preferred starting Treize Khushrenada’s lessons out of soldiers in the Victoria Academy in order to indulge in a testing operate of this feasibility out of mobile phone fit corps. Along side Lucrezia Noin among others, this person observed Treize’s way into the fight to Mogadishu, myourking one flawless as well as utter triumph. Because of the efficiency associated with cadets as of this struggle, their deals, otherwise OZ, were utilized more regularly because of the Alliance to fight.

Whenever a revolt during the fade Marius grow forced action, that cadets had been once again known as in order to program. But certainly one of Zechs’ fellow cadets, Elve Onegell, unveiled which he understood Zechs’ accurate identity- Milliardo Peacecraft. Son of this Alliance general whom light-emitting diode their destruction of this Sanc Kingdom, Elve informs Zechs which whilst wouldn’t normally rat away your “war buddy”, that he harbors hatred to the Peacecrafts. The ensuing battle at the Marius Plant, both soldiers vanish, not to resurface until years later during the events. Following this aim, Treize plus Zechs did actually try and conceal his or her previous connections.

Episode Absolutely No

The”Lightning Count /Baron ” when he was sent on a Specials mission to repress a terrorist organization’s attack on the Earth Alliance base at the J.A.P. Point in the Pacific Ocean in A.C. 191, Zechs Merquise received his nickname. Piloting the latest model Aries mobile phone match, Zechs advertised I secure. He exclusively required 1 minute in order to crush each rebellion, suggesting “. This one fight will certainly end the minute” Treize, witnessing Zechs’ battle, commented which Zechs wasn’t simply speak and tthat herefore he “fights love lightning. “

That surviving terrorists retreated in direction of that the Darlian property. Zechs, leaving that protection associated with the base when you look at the tactile fingers concerning Treize, pursued consumers. Among the terrorists that are fleeing Relena, that has wandered from the girl home, then took the girl hostage. When thinking either this girl is likely to welche there, Relena wthe besttched the best “capturing star”, that was Zechs approaching as part of their Aries. Following each terrorist identified it his hostage is that girl that is darlian Zechs, acknowledging Relena when their cousin, dismounted their mobile phone fit. As the terrorist had been gloating concerning their triumph then their capture of this model ares that are latest, Zechs shot their gun-wielding control. Then he authorized the person towards flee, certainly not wanting to kill right in front out of Relena. Zechs and then started reminiscing more than Relena’s first procedures, not really realizing which he is always brandishing his weapon. When holstering their tool, Zechs reminded him self he not any longer experienced all straight to still touching Relena mainly because he previously abandoned their Peacecraft title along with his dad’s pacifistic ideals. Then he addressed Relena because “princess” and also asked the woman assuming this girl had been alright. Relena, bewildered why she had been known yours a princess, expected Zechs then a knight on a terrible dragon if he was. Zechs answered which he hthe bestd been a “prince regarding the movie movie stars”, plus kept.

Gundam Wing

Zechs together with mask upon.

At April seven, A.C. 195, Zechs had been on the way towards planet in your supersonic jet once he very first withstood Gundam pilot Heero Yuy generating their descent towards planet within the Wing Gundam included in procedure Meteor. Zechs involved Heero pert per Leo and yet is forced concerning latch onto the xdating Gundam to abandon his mobile phone fit since it plunged aided by the Gundam in to the Pacific Ocean. Immediately after attempting then failing continually to look for that the sunk Wing Gundam (as a result of Duo Maxwell to their Gundam Deathscythe), Zechs started trying to find the best mobile phone fit that he can use to battle aided by the Gundams for per playing field that is level. He had been finally introduced into the Tallgeese, that the ancestor of most suits that are mobile. He was involved with Operation Daybreak, in which OZ overthrew Alliance before he could pilot the suit. In the middle to the coup Zechs subsequently have their revenge by just performing your commanding officer whom light emitting diode that the assault, Sanc Kingdom.

Right after in which, Zechs piloted their freshly obtained Tallgeese all through their make an effort to destroy their Alliance’s head office into the Sanc Kingdom. But that the Tallgeese’s dangerously maximum thrust-rate turned out to be very nearly deadly the Lightning Count, and then he ended up being obligated to retreat. Within ounce camp nearby the Sanc Kingdom, Otto, Zechs’ right-hand guy, took your Tallgeese opposing requests to crashed that it to the Alliance base, destroying that it and also killing him self along the way.

Zechs satisfies Heero face-to-face when it comes to very first time.

Future, Zechs applied your Tallgeese for the re-match with all the Wing Gundam inside Siberia, just for his or her duel become cut quick following woman Une threatened towards capture the colonies down unless of course each Gundam pilots surrendered. Physician J showed up in the monitors, that offer their surrender rather. Zechs ended up being surprised to learn that the pilot associated with the Wing Gundam ended up being merely the teen kid then viewed as part of beyond surprise while the kid self-detonated their Gundam in reaction into the surrender. In a operate out of chivalry, Zechs made a decision to stop their strike as well as permitted Gundam pilot Trowa Barton to recoup Heero’s escape and body. Afterwards, Zechs quietly took out that Wing Gundam’s keeps then begun to secretly reconstruct this less than OZ’s nose. Two months afterwards, Zechs discovered your your Heero had been always offered and alive him the rematch at Antarctica, that Heero accepted. Certainly not planning to accept charitable organisation after Zechs, Heero thought we would pilot Trowa’s Gundam Heavyarms rather than his very own. Their rematch had been interrupted once more, your right occasion with Relena, that discovered it Zechs is in fact the woman old bro, Milliardo. OZ’s research celebration descended to them to Zechs travelled entering fight permitting Relena, Noin additionally the Gundams aircraft aircraft pilots to flee.