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He was led to investigate the gas pro- cate of freedom of inquiry and freedom to publish duced during gas gangrene infection; managed to opinions based on investigations generic voveran 50mg on line muscle relaxant soma. After a long collect a quantity; found that it burned with a blue public trial in which Malgaigne gave an impas- flame; and identified it as carburetted hydrogen buy 50mg voveran with amex spasms in stomach. Velpeau had heard of ether where his father, an old army surgeon, was the inhalation anesthesia, but had not yet tried it. At what to us may seem the Malgaigne had administered the ether intranasally tender age of 15, he was sent to Nancy to begin with an apparatus of his own design. At 19, he was qualified as he the first to use ether anesthesia in France, but an officer de santé, or health officer. Hoping to he was also largely responsible for its rapid adop- continue his education, Malgaigne left for Paris tion throughout the country. His early years in Paris icine and became a surgeon of the central bureau were marred by hardship, and occasionally by of hospitals, serving in turn at Bicêtre, Saint- real privation. He lectured on, and later In the fall of 1830 the Poles revolted from their published a book on surgical anatomy. In 1850 he Russian masters and appealed to the new French succeeded to the chair of Professor of Operative government for help. Malgaigne organized a vol- Surgery, a position he held until his death in 1865. He distinguished himself but possessing good manners, and an intelligent expres- under fire during several engagements. His ‘courage camarade’ so fre- In 1840 he founded the Journal de Chirurgie, quently addressed to patients on whom he is operating, and in 1847 became chief editor of the Revue being pronounced in a military tone, and with a slight medico-chirurgical de Paris. It is as an editor that but pleasant accent, produces a very agreeable impres- Malgaigne exerted his greatest influence upon his sion on those to whom it is addressed, and encourages contemporaries. He was a staunch advocate of the them to bear with greater patience the suffering to statistical approach to the study of medical prob- which they are necessarily subjected. Young men and new ideas always gained a Malgaigne’s reputation today rests chiefly upon hearing on the pages of his journals. Con- Paré revues et collationnées sur toutes les édi- troversy and invective, “yellow journalism,” was tions aver les variantes. Such an exchange, between the his great work on fractures and dislocations, a former associates, Guérin and Malgaigne, led to brief comment on the other is in order. The basic point at issue Ambroise Paré was an attempt to produce, as was an important one. Can the results of clinical Littré had done for the works of Hippocrates, a 218 Who’s Who in Orthopedics definitive edition. It was a task of great complexity, for Paré had had a long life as a writer (1545–1590) and during this time had not only discussed a tremendous variety of subjects, but had modified and changed his opinions and doctrines continually. The entire body of Paré’s writing is arranged and ordered with great skill. It is possible to follow the devel- opment of Paré’s ideas on any subject to their final form. A considerable portion of the first volume is devoted to an introduction, which consists of a history of surgery in western Europe from the sixth to the sixteenth century, ending with a bio- graphy of Paré and a discussion of his work. This introduction is one of the finest short accounts of the history of surgery extant. It is unfortunate that it was not published separately, as it stands in the John L. MARSHALL shadow of the immensity of Paré’s achievement, and for this reason has not received the attention 1936–1980 that is its due. Marshall died in a light-plane crash on John Shaw Billings, American surgeon and his- February 19, 1980. He had just left the Atlanta, torian, epitomizes the career of Malgaigne: Georgia, meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and was en route to Lake Malgaigne was the greatest surgical historian and critic Placid, New York, for the Winter Olympics the world has yet seen, a brilliant speaker and writer, as consultant to the US ski team. Although an whose native genius, joined to incessant labour, accomplished pilot, he was a passenger in the brought about a new mode of judging of the merits of plane. He was 43 years old and at the height of a surgical procedures—the mode of statistical compari- remarkably distinguished and productive career. Marshall was Director of Sports Medicine and although he made some improvement in the art, at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York such as his hooks for the treatment of fractures of the patella, his suggestion of suprathyroid, laryngotomy, City, having founded the Sports Medicine Clinic etc. At the time of his death he had his work of exploding errors, exposing fallacies in rea- become a world-renowned figure in orthopedics soning, and bringing to bear upon the work of the and sports medicine.

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This will help you to become more familiar with your topic and intro- duce you to any other research which will be of benefit to you when you begin your own project purchase voveran 50 mg overnight delivery spasms in upper abdomen. PRIMARY RESEARCH AND SECONDARY RESEARCH There are two types of background research – primary re- search and secondary research (see Table 2) purchase 50mg voveran fast delivery spasms rib cage. Primary re- search involves the study of a subject through firsthand observation and investigation. This is what you will be doing with your main project, but you may also need to conduct primary research for your background work, especially if you’re unable to find any previously pub- lished material about your topic. Primary research may come from your own observations or experience, or from the information you gather personally from other people, as the following example illustrates. I had noticed how some children didn’t fit the classic description of a truant and I wanted to find out more as I thought it might help me to deal with some of the problems children were experiencing. So I guess you’d say my own experience provided me with some initial data. Then I decided to go and have a dis- cussion with some of my colleagues and see if they’d noticed anything like me. It was really useful to do this because they helped me to think about other things I hadn’t even thought of. One of them told me about a new report which had just come out and it was useful formetogoandhavealookatitasitraisedsome of the issues I was already thinking about. Actually this made me change the focus of my work a little because I soon found out that there had been a lot of work on one area of what I was doing, but not so much on another area. It was really useful to have done this before I rushed into my research as I think I might have wasted quite a bit of time. In the above example, Jenny mentions a recently pub- lished report which she has read. This is secondary re- search and it involves the collection of information from studies that other researchers have made of a subject. The two easiest and most accessible places to find this informa- tion are libraries and the internet. However, you must re- 42 / PRACTICAL RESEARCH METHODS member that anybody can publish information over the internet and you should be aware that some of this infor- mation can be misleading or incorrect. Of course this is the case for any published information and as you develop your research skills so you should also develop your criti- cal thinking and reasoning skills. What motives did the publishers have for making sure their information had reached the public domain? Using web sites By developing these skills early in your work, you will start to think about your own research and any personal bias in your methods and reporting which may be present. The web sites of many universities now carry information about how to use the web carefully and sensibly for your research and it is worth accessing these before you begin your background work. When you’re surfing the net, there are some extra precau- tions you can take to check the reliability and quality of the information you have found: X Try to use websites run by organisations you know and trust. X Check the About Us section on the web page for more information about the creator and organisation. X Use another source, if possible, to check any informa- tion of which you are unsure. For example, if you’re interested in medical information you can check the HOW TO CONDUCT BACKGROUND RESEARCH / 43 credentials of UK doctors by phoning the General Medical Council. X You should check the national source of the data as in- formation may differ between countries. X For some topics specific websites have been set up that contain details of questionable products, services and theories. Interlibrary loans If you are a student your institutional library will prob- ably offer an interlibrary loan service which means that you can access books from other university libraries if they are not available in your library. This is a useful service if, when referencing, you find that a small amount of infor- mation is missing (see Example 5 below). EXAMPLE 5: GILLIAN Nobody told me the importance of keeping careful re- cords of my background research. I just thought it was something you did and then that was it, you got on with 44 / PRACTICAL RESEARCH METHODS your own research and forgot about what you’d done.

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Yes cheap voveran 50mg visa spasms head, their legs no longer carry them cheap voveran 50mg without a prescription muscle relaxant, but their core inner beliefs about themselves remain basically unchanged. De- spite probing questions, most interviewees denied that their walking diffi- culties had permanently altered their basic sense of self, although they may have had rough times. Eleanor Peters, in her late forties, finally started using a power wheelchair because of worsening limitations related to childhood polio. Some of us are still going through denial; some of us are still dealing with the disability. So I think once we get over that initial anger or sorrow or madness, then we can learn to live with the disability. Because ei- ther we’re going to learn to live with it or we’re going to have a hell of a hard time. Reynolds Price anticipated Eleanor’s comments by a statement and two questions that have guided his own “new life” since becoming paraplegic: compared to who you were before, “you’re not that person now. And who do you propose to be from here to the grave, which may be hours or decades down the road? But with mobility difficulties, the strategies re- quired to be independent, self-reliant, stoic, and autonomous inevitably change. As Barnard notes, “for persons with chronic illnesses and disabili- ties (or without) the illusion of total self-sufficiency may be among the most destructive. It not only cuts us off from very practical gains to be made in solidarity with others, it radically distorts our view of the human situation” (1995, 55). New tactics for getting through each day can alter how people interact with others and how they see their role in life. The interviewees did acknowledge changes in their personalities and feelings about themselves, albeit not their core convictions. Another woman wishes she could “deal with things better,” be less angry. One man who formerly kept his feelings to himself now realizes, after divorce, that he How People Feel about Their Difficulty Walking / 79 must talk openly about his emotions. Another man wants to feel more rec- onciled to “not being able to do the things I used to do. Once reticent, they become feisty, albeit recog- nizing that self-advocacy sometimes appears shrill, strident, narcissistic, or rude. They take that risk, often surprising even themselves, beginning per- haps to identify with other disabled people. If I don’t feel like doing something, I ain’t doing nothing I don’t have to do. I know deep in my heart that there was a reason for this happening, but I always still think, why me? I’m from the school that these are the cards that I’ve been dealt, and I have to do the best I can with these cards. It’s not that I accepted it or embraced it with open arms, but I say this is it, and I just have to go on. Sometimes those who are “worse off” embody people’s fears for their own future, but they also can offer hope. Although Lester Goodall still walks with a cane, needing a wheelchair is never far from his mind: I think about it especially when I see people on the street in a wheel- chair. When I see them, it seems like it’s not the worst thing in the world that can happen. I see they’re active, they’re on the train, they’re doing jobs, and they’re in a lot worse shape than I am.... An unspoken subtext to many comments was the question about when to adopt a “disability identity”—incorporating disability into their core self- image. Near the end of our interview, I asked people if they were “disabled,” and I got three types of responses: about two-fifths of people said “yes”; a 80 / How People Feel about Their Difficulty Walking comparable fraction said “no”; and the remaining fifth answered both “yes” and “no. The federal survey asked people two questions about perceived disability: Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

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