2017-18 SEASON

2017-2018 Subscription Series

November 4 @ 7:30pm – November 5 @ 2:00pm, 2017

Crossing the rue St. Paul

Steven Schick conducts


George Gershwin An American in Paris
Duke Ellington/arr A.T. Chodos Mood Indigo
Asher Tobin Chodos Concertino for Two Pianos & Orchestra
Aaron Copland  Quiet City
Duke Ellington/arr. A.T. Chodos  Solitude
George Gershwin  Rhapsody in Blue

Guest artists: Cecil Lytle and Asher Tobin Chodos, piano; Stephanie Richards, trumpet

“Walking with Cecil Lytle on the rue St. Paul last June brought to mind my impression of Cecil as the quintessential ‘American in Paris’ – urbane, sage, and deeply connected to both the French and American (and especially the African-American) traditions,” recalls Steven Schick. This sparked a desire to create a program around Cecil’s special artistry. We ask him to play Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and commissioned three works with him in mind from the extraordinary pianist/composer Asher Tobin Chodos, including an original work for two pianos. Stephanie Richards solos on trumpet in Copland’s Quiet City.

December 9 @ 7:30pm – December 10 @ 2:00pm, 2017

Concentric Paths

Steven Schick conducts

Guillaume de Machaut/arr. Felipe Rossi Je vivroie liement/Liement me deport
Tina Tallon luscinia
Francis Poulenc Gloria
Thomas Adès Concentric Paths
Ludwig Van Beethoven Egmont Overture

Guest artists: Susan Narucki and Kirsten Wiest, sopranos; Keir GoGwilt, violin (2016 Young Artists Winner); red fish blue fish

A path that leads both forward and back creates concentric patterns that connect 20th-century French composer Francis Poulenc, in his most celebrated work for chorus and orchestra, to his late medieval countryman Guillaume de Machaut, here in an arrangement by Felipe Rossi for soloists Keir GoGwilt and Kirsten Wiest. The orchestra music of renowned English composer Thomas Adès is presented in San Diego for the first time with his violin concerto, Concentric Paths. Thomas Nee Commission recipient, Tina Tallon, creates a new work for orchestra and electronics.

February 10 @ 7:30pm – February 11 @ 2:00pm, 2018

Cross Winds

Steven Schick conducts

Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 4
Roland Auzet Alone: Theatre and Music for Fiona

Guest artists: Tasha Koontz, soprano; Fiona Digney, percussion

It has been a tough few years in France – a time of strong crosswinds from every direction. Paris-based circus artist, composer, and percussionist Roland Auzet fights back in a new theatrical percussion concerto written for and co-commissioned by UCSD graduate student Fiona Digney. The balm of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, with one of the most beautiful slow movements ever written, helps calm the currents. Concert partner with San Diego Symphony’s “It’s About Time” festival.
It's About Time Image

March 16 & 17 @ 7:30pm – March 18 @ 2:00pm, 2018

Efficient Arrays

Patrick Walders conducts

Franz Liszt Les Preludes
Carl Orff Carmina Burana

Guest artists:  Tasha Koontz, soprano; John Russell, tenor; Kyle Ferrill, baritone; North Coast Singers “Caprice” youth chorus

Two important European musical figures from two different historical periods faced history in similar ways. Franz Liszt, well known as the progenitor of virtuosic piano music, was a stalwart visionary, devoted to the future. In his best-known choral work, Orff looks to the distant musical past for inspiration. LJS&C’s new Choral Director, Patrick Walders, makes his conducting debut with the orchestra and chorus.
Three Performances

May 5 @ 7:30pm – May 6 @ 2:00pm, 2018

Facing-off Across Sunset Boulevard

Sameer Patel conducts

Arnold Schoenberg Five Pieces for Orchestra
Olivier Messiaen Un Sourire
Hannah Lash Eating Flowers
Toru Takemitsu A Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden
Igor Stravinsky Symphony in Three Movements

The twin towering figures of the first half of the 20th century were Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schoenberg, separated by compositional method, aesthetic direction, and personal style. Nevertheless, they found themselves in Los Angeles at the same time, two great composers in the flood of expatriates driven from Europe by Nazism. “This scene may never have happened,” muses Steven Schick, “but I have often imagined them on opposite sides of Sunset Boulevard (for a while the two lived near each other not far from the Whisky a go go) facing off across the traffic the way they had done across the chasm of artistic difference in Europe.” Three fascinating composers, each indebted in important ways to Stravinsky and Schoenberg, complete the tableau. Sameer Patel, Associate Conductor for San Diego Symphony, guest conducts.

June 9 @ 7:30pm – June 10 @ 2:00pm, 2018

A Line Broken

Steven Schick conducts

Rand Steiger Template
Courtney Bryan Yet Unheard
Ornette Coleman/arr. A.T. Chodos Lonely Woman
Gabriel Fauré Requiem

Guest artists:  Helga Davis and Priti Gandhi, sopranos; Jonathan Nussman, baritone; Peter Evans, trumpet; Kyle Motl, contrabass

Some lines end too soon. The spiritual crux of this program is Courtney Bryan’s poignant memorial to Sandra Bland and other African-American victims of violence. We’ll pair her music with improvisation in Rand Steiger’s Template — a new orchestra version for trumpet-genius Peter Evans, and a new arrangement by Asher Tobin Chodos of Ornette Coleman’s late be-bop classic. Chorus joins orchestra as we remember the victims of violence with Fauré’s gentle Requiem.