Instructions for using YouTube to record audition video files (solo and orchestral excerpts) and share via email to

Open the“YouTube” app on your device.
If you do not have the app,you can download it from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Play
Store (Android)

  1. Tap the “Camera”iconon the right side of the bar along the top of the screen
    If it’s your first time uploading a video from your phone or tablet, you may need to
    give permission to use your photos, camera, and/or microphone.
  2. Tap the“Camera RECORD”icon and begin recording. After completing your
    recording,tap “Next” then tap “Title”(next to video)and type: “Instrument;Full
    Name; Name of Solo or Excerpt Number(s); & Date Recorded”
    You can submit individual videos of the excerpts or submit individual files with multiple
    If you recorded/stored audition files on your computer or device (phone or
    tablet)Tap the “Camera” iconon the right side of the bar along the top of the screen
    then select the audition videofrom the list of videos.
    iPhone and iPad only: Tap“Next” to continue
  3. Select a visibility level from the“Privacy”menu. Select “Unlisted” from the 3
    options to avoid your videobeing used publicly.
  4. Tap “Upload”
  5. After video is completely uploaded, tap the “3 vertical Dots”to the right of video
    then tap the “Share” icon andselect“Email”.
    Type“”as the email address to send your file.
    Subject:“Instrument; Full Name; Name of Solo or Excerpt Number(s); & Date
  6. Tap “Send”
    Since you will be submitting more than one video file, it is important to identify
    Solo and Excerpt Number(s) on each video you are submitting.
  7. Please avoid editing other than trimming your files (time length). If there is any
    evidence of editing, you may not be accepted to join the orchestra.
  8. November 30, 2020 is the Due Date for submitting your video files.
  9. Steven Schick, Ted Bietz and/or Orchestra Section Leaders will be the only
    people in the orchestra viewing your video audition files.
  10. You will receive the results of your audition by Dec. 15, 2020.
  11. After receiving your results, you can delete all Audition Videos from YouTube