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Let’s combine some of our favorite things: lively conversation, fascinating ideas and extraordinary music. On six evenings, we’ll prepare a lively menu of musical encounters featuring interviews, solo performances and selected pre-recorded works from the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus archives. Join us from your living room, or maybe from the kitchen as you prepare a meal and enjoy a glass of wine, or listen as you walk on the beach or on the trails. We will meet you where you are with our reliable mixture of adventurous and classic music-making along with warm conversations.


Music in Nature

January 15
Let’s look lovingly at the planet as we listen to music that reflects the earth.

Featured Composer                LJ White
Host                                         Steven Schick


Excerpt of Birdsong from Beethoven Pastoral (Woodwind section)

Archived performance of first two movements of Beethoven #6

Interview with Matthew LeVeque (Principal percussionist)

Solo Performance                   John Cage Child of Tree
                                                   (M. LeVeque, Percussion)

Interview with LJ White

LJ White                                   Community Acoustics (From Archive)


Potluck #1

  March 19

Host                                         Steven Schick

Featured Musicians              Solos/small ensembles from
the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus

Program                                  TBD 






A Meeting in Time—Bach and Messiaen

May 14
Hosts Steven Schick and Ruben Valenzuela

Olivier Messiaen Appel Interstellaire (Cynthia McGregor)
JS Bach Cantata #106 (arr.)
Messiaen L’abime des oiseaux (Paul Miller)
Johann Sebastian Bach Cantata #106
Messiaen Louange à l’immortalité (David Buckley, Pianist TBD)
Pauline Oliveros Tuning Meditation*

*If concert is streamed live


The Music of Wonder and Awe

February 19
Reaching out from the known,
how do we find spaces of elation?

Featured Work                      Poulenc Gloria
Host                                         Ruben Valenzuela

Archived Performance Brahms #3 (First Movement)
Solo Performance/Interview: String Player TBD
Interview with soloist, Susan Narucki
Francis Poulenc Gloria







Music in Community

April 16

With whom do we share 33-Degrees North Latitude?
What is the music of home?

Featured Composer                     Anahita Abbasi
Host                                                 Steven Schick

Archived performance of First Movement of Beethoven Violin Concerto
Interview with David Bowlin
Solo Performance Brass solo TBD
Interview with Anahita Abbasi
Archived performance of Abbasi’s why the trees were murmuring


Potluck #2

June 18
Host Steven Schick

Featured Musicians:   Solos/small ensembles
from the La Jolla Symphony & Chorus
Repertoire: TBD